Kaokoveld Himba Tour

Visit an Authentic Himba Settlement

What You'll experience on the Kaokoveld Himba Tour

Tourists alongside Himba women by a safari vehicle on Himba Tour.
Himba individuals with a donkey on Himba Tour.
A Himba woman adorned in traditional attire and modern sunglasses, a symbol of cultural blend, witnessed on our Himba Tour
A Himba woman and children by the fire, on Himba Tour
A distinct Himba mud hut, seen on Himba Tour

Our Kaokoveld Himba Tour is more than an exploration; it’s a unique journey into a region still relatively untouched by tourism. We begin our journey north from Sesfontein, guided by a Himba native. This area, although seemingly forsaken with its sprawling mountain ranges, is home to the Himbas, a proud and original tribe. They are one of Africa’s last nomadic tribes, continuing their traditional customs and rules akin to life hundreds of years ago.

In the realm of sustainability, we can learn immensely from the Himbas. Their lifestyle offers insights into balancing social, economic, and ecological well-being. The Himbas have withstood the test of time, maintaining their culture amidst the encroaching influences of modern civilization.

By choosing the Kaokoveld Tour, you contribute directly to the preservation of this unique culture. We express our heartfelt gratitude for this. Each step of the journey is a discovery of traditions, showcasing a lifestyle intertwined with nature.

As we proceed, the Himbas’ Holy Mountain, a revered quarry, unveils itself. It is here that the tribe extracts the ochre-colored substance used as jewelry or a healing agent against the sun and mosquitoes. Next, the mountains of Kaokoveld beckon, rich with various minerals and semi-precious stones. We explore a dioptase mine, unveiling the gems extracted through intricate tunnel constructions.

Moreover, the journey leads us to the extraordinary baobab – or monkey bread trees. Witnessing their remarkable girth is a testament to their age, counted in several centuries. Our picnic spot, nestled with a view of the Mopane-covered mountains of Kaokoveld, offers a serene setting to absorb the day’s experiences.

With the setting sun as our backdrop, we make our return to the fort, enriched and transformed by the encounter with a culture and landscape where time seemingly stands still.

Wichtige Infos

Die Kaokoveld Tour ist eine halbtages Tour

Ein kleines Geschenk für die Himbas ist mitinbegriffen


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