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What You'll experience

Experience the authentic Namibian countryside on our unique Village Tour. We invite you to get up close and personal with Sesfontein, the picturesque village where our fort is located. Today, Sesfontein is a larger village where several hundred people make a living from small-scale livestock farming and gardening, with its foundations dating back to the German era.

Enjoy a leisurely ride on a traditional donkey cart, the original mode of transportation for the locals. On this tour, you’ll have the chance to visit the rustic mud huts where the locals live and experience the simple yet fulfilling life they lead up close.

Our Village Tour offers you a valuable opportunity to understand the local culture, meet the people, and truly experience authentic Namibian countryside living. We guarantee that this tour will be an unforgettable experience and a enrichment for your understanding of Namibian culture.

Wichtige Infos

Die Hoanib Tour ist eine ganz Tages Tour

Es kann keine Tiersichtung garantiert werden,
da es in der unberührten Natur durchgeführt wird

Ein Zwischenstopp mit einem Launch ist mitinbegriffen

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